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France, 26 March 2020
Spring colors 
These photos have been taken on our land. Weeds, flowers, plants, trees you name it. They are all beautiful. 

France, 24 March 2020
Bees hard at work
France, 24 March 2020
Daisies galore good for insects 

Freance, 24 March 2020
A bit of maintenance, but not too much. The rest is done by wildlife
France, 21 March 2020
Confinement COVID-19
Listen to the birds.... It is a lot quieter than usual without  cars coming past. 

France, 21 February 2020
At work at FFF
France, 24 February 2020
Public Consultation Broiler Farm Bournezeau

Todat we sent in our opinion for the public consultation concerning an enlargement of a broiler farm in the area. Of course we are against this project.  The text below is our argumentation in English. The participation we sent to the authorities was of course in French. The photos of the document are published on the FFF facebook page.  

"On a small scale the project will have negative impacts on the environment  due to the removal of 70m of hedge and the loss of over 4,000 square metres of agricultural ground, not the 3,000 square metres that the declarant says on page 126, classeur 2 ( see below)

The loss of the hedge is purely arbitrary. It appears that there is no technical reason for the new building to be built parallel to the existing one. If it was built at an angle then it would not be necessary to remove any hedge at all. See plan de masse annex 5. If the building was built at an angle then the amount of land required for access would be reduced, so reducing the amount of agricultural land that is lost.

According to page 180, classeur 2 "La remise en état du site ne signifie pas le retour à un état supposé initial, qui n’est lui-même que le résultat de multiples transformations ou aménagements réalisés par les générations précédentes, mais aux mesures prises pour que ne se manifeste plus aucun danger après cessation d’activité, et pour éliminer les déchets."

The argument is not tenable. The fact that the generations precedentes  didn't  clean up is no reason to continue to make a mess. Society evolves. The loss of agricultural ground is completely attributable to this project. It means the loss of over 4,000 square metres for many decades or centuries, for a project that even the declarant optimistically ( and irrealistically) thinks is viable for only 30-40 years

On page 82 of classeur 2 with regard to Nitrates in the water in the area, the demandant uses a carte of 2011 - 2013. We are now 7 to 9 years further. When you look at the carte on this site: the situation with regard to Nitrates in the water in 2018 is a lot more pessimistic.

The demandant also seems to use old information with regard to the ZONES HUMIDES around the area of the farm. This map below  (a screen print of the site Réseau Zones Humides in the area of Bournezeau and the farm ) shows the zones humides in bleu and the red parcels are the lots of the farms for l'épandage / where manure is being spread.