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France, 26 December 2018
Fungi at # Forestsfromfarms 

France, 23 December 2018
Winter at Forests from Farms 
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Hiver chez Forests from Farms
Nous vous souhaitons de joyeuses fêtes de fin d'année! 

France, 26 November 2018
Please Boycott the nature reserve called  #Oostvaardersplassen in National Park Nieuw Land, the #Netherlands

France, 12 November 2018

Un martin-pêcheur qui cherche son bonheur dans le petit bassin


A little Kingfisher looking for his luck in the pond

France, 11th of November 2018

Sunday in France: a day of war, a clash of cultures

It's Sunday morning around 9 o' clock. It's time to let the geese and the ducks out of their night enclosure. We keep them in at night because of predators. I open the door of the house.  I hear  howling dogs and screaming men in the distance. There is no doubt about it. Hunters with  their dogs chasing deer, boar, foxes, badgers, rabbits, birds, cats you name it, jeopardize  the countryside of France once more. 

France, 9 November  2018
Autumn at #Forestsfromfarms 

France, 23 October 2018
#TheKillingFields of the Oostvaardersplassen continue: 1800 healthy deer to be culled in the coming months for their meat.... 

France, 10 September 2018


Would you please sign it as well and share it to help us stop this massacre! Thank you! 

Why This petition? 

On the 26th of September (in 17 days) during the meeting of the committee of sustainability of the Province of Flevoland in all probability decisions will be made about the future fate of the Great Grazers (konik horses, heck cattle and red deer) in the Oostvaardersplassen.

These decisions will depend on a few studies on relocation and / or contraception, which are also discussed that day.

Now there seem to be two scenarios:
1 / the research results are in favor of the animals. The animals are relocated (especially horses and possibly the cattle) and contraception is used for future management.

2 / These  solutions would not at all or partly be not possible and the Province Government proposes to proceed to the culling of young and healthy animals.

We, the undersigned of this petition, are against THE KILLING OF  HEALTHY and YOUNG animals, whether they are horses, cattle or deer.

What do we ask?

1 / We ask the Provincial Government to not even consider and propose the killing of young and healthy animals. We also ask the Provincial Government  to take more time to look for other solutions and, moreover, to implement such solutions as eg rehoming over a longer period. If necessary if the living conditions of the animals require this, they should be fed in accordance with the Motion of 11 July 2018 "Do not exclude additional feeding".

2 / We ask the members of the political parties, if the Provincial Government determines to start the shooting, to vote against this option, and to try to persuade the Provincial Government that this option is unethical and also dangerous, that the unrest in the local population will flare up even more, and that this decision will damage the reputation of Flevoland as a tourist attraction for visitors from home and abroad.

France, 18 August 2018
Climate change deniers and how to deal with them you can read  here

Comment discuter avec des personnes qui nient le réchauffement climatique vous pouvez lire ici

France, 12 August 2018
2 badgers/2 blaireaux @

France, 10 August 2018
Little Egret/Aigrette garzette
More photos on facebook 

France, 8 August 2018
The latest photos of a deer, a badger, a coypu @ .

France, 7 August 2018 
Guided tour  through FFF

I have tried to make a short video of what and why we started this project Forests from Farms. On the video I walk through a part of the property. Sorry, my english is not perfect and it was a spontanious action, so nothing was written down in advance. We think it is really important we all act for climate change and this is one of our ways. Besides it is also advantageous for the wild animals. They are safe here and can live in peace, without being hunted all the time. And they have food, water and shelter!

J'ai essayé de faire une courte vidéo pour vous expliquer pourquoi nous avons lancé ce projet, Forests from Farms. Sur la vidéo, je traverse une partie de la propriété. Désolé, mon anglais n'est pas parfait et c'était une action spontanée. Rien écrit à l'avance. Nous pensons que c'est vraiment important que nous agissions tous pour réduire le changement climatique et c'est l'une de nos façons. En outre, ce projet est également avantageux pour les animaux sauvages. Ils sont en sécurité ici et peuvent vivre en paix, sans être chassés tout le temps. Et ils ont de la nourriture, de l'eau et de l'abri!

France, 4 August 2018

Caterpillar of The Elephant Hawk Moth (more photo's on facebook)

Grand Sphinx de la Vigne

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