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France, 25 December 2019
Happy Holidays - The very first flowers are already in bloom! and it's only December. 

France, 6 December 2019
New young trees growing @FFF

France, 5 November 2019
Evening autumn sun @ Forests From Farms 
France, 21 October 2019
Autumn colours @ Forests From Farms 

Les couleurs d'automne chez Forests From Farms (Transformer les fermes en forêts)

Photos prises en octobre 2019 des champignons, mousses, fleurs, etc. avec l'aide de notre petit canard blanc. En 2002 nous avons acheté une ancienne ferme en France et nous avons rendu les terres à la nature. Ceci est le résultat de près de 15 ans de négligence. 

Photos taken in October 2019 of fungi, moss, seedpods, flowers, etc. assisted by our little white duck. We bought an old farm in France in 2002 and returned the land back to nature. This is the result of almost 15 years of neglect. 

France, 13 October 2019
Are boar going to be killed for 10 months in France ?

The french government wants to extend the period of boar hunting from 8 to 10 months a year. This means boar can be killed from june until april and so even during mating season of other animals like deer, birds etc.  They launched a consultation on the 20th of September which was open to the public for reaction until the 12th of October. Of course we also prepared our opinion opposing to this madness. For reading our participation to the public consultation  please click on the button below. 

France, 12 Octobre 2019 
Insects this autumn

Someone asked us whether we still have butterflies this time of year. So I picked up my camera and fond some but not many, and they were very difficult to photograph as they moved a lot. This morning there was also a Hummingbird hawk-moth that was patient enough to let me photograph it. Later on I saw another one appear. We haven't seen many this year opposed to last year. There were some bees, wasps and of course flies......

France, 29 September 2019
France, 29 September 2019
First letter (button left)  about vegetarian/vegan meals in schools to the president of the departmental council of the Vendée, within our SHE-Campagin launched this autumn. You can learn more about SHE (Sustainable Healthy Eating) by clicking the button below.

France, 13 September  2019
No hunting allowed on the properties of Forests From Farms 
The protection of wild animals continues also this year. We have ordered ca 10 signs from ASPAS (an association for the protection of wild animals in France). The first one has been installed today for a piece of land of approximately 3 1/2 hectares and 3 small ponds. Unfortunately the ponds are nearly empty. We wait impatiantly for some rain. 

France, 19 July 2019
Public consultation about hunting and killing 30.000 Turtle Doves in France - of course we are against this. See here our opinion published on twitter:
France, 8 July 2019
Letter about "Rewilding" and the Oostvaardersplassen as a wake-up call (in french) 
Today we sent a letter to most of the associations here in France about the experiences we've had with the project of the Oostvaardersplassen in the Netherlands. We have been involved since March last year. To get an overview of what's happened please click on the button below  left "Oostvaardersplassen Holland" and to read the letter please click on the button "Letter". There's an option to translate the letter into English. 
Update: the letter has been sent the 17th of July to The Minister of Environment in France and to the Commissioner of environment of the EU (who sent us an answer that you'll find here on facebook .) 

France, 5 July 2019
Our participation to the public consultation about the night killing of foxes  in the Somme department

France, 10 June 2019
This year we will try and follow a new born foal with our hidden cameras. The video below shows you the very first sighting of the foal on June the 1st. The other videos will be published on the site under the button "Deer". Enjoy! 

France, 30 May 2019 
Spring/Printemps at Forests From Farms 
Il y a un petit moment que nous avons publié des photos. Voici quelques-unes du début du printemps et aujourd'hui. L'herbe a bien poussé. Nous faisons quelques chemins et des parties sont courtes pour encourager les fleurs sauvages. C'est plein de vie. J'ai vu un lézard vert en faisant les photos (mais il était trop vite pour une photo) ... 

It's been a while since we published some photos. So here some made today. The grass has been growing. We keep paths and some areas short for us to walk and for other wild flowers to grow. It's full of life... I saw a green lizzard but he was too quick for me to take a photo. He disappeared into the grass.

France, 1 May 2019 
Bees and more 
Leaving daisies and other flowers in the lawn in stead of mowing has it's effect. and at We are overloaden with them and they are fascinating!
Pictures are published on facebook

France, 28 April 2019
And the participation to the public consultation of hunting in the Vendée 
France, 26 April 2019
Participation of FFF  to the public consultation for a proposal for a rule to hunt boar and deer in the summer months  in the Haute-Savoie

France, 30 March 2019
Is this Spikey? 
Last year we saved a hedgehog who had an injured eye. We had it operated by the vet, kept him inside for a while, then he went to an enclosure in the barn, but Mr Spikey preferred his freedom so he escaped. We truly hope this is him? If not it is nice to know hedgehogs still roam our property. 

Il y a plus d'un an que nous avons trouvé un petit hérisson avec un oeil blessé. Il était dans la maison pendant ses soins et après il vivait dans la grange/l'ancien poulailler, car il avait qu'un oeil, mais monsieur n'aimait pas être enfermé et donc s'est sauvé. J'espère de tout coeur que ce petit hérisson soit lui. Sinon cela fait plaisir de voir qu'il y a encore des hérissons chez nous. 

France, 30 March 2019
Badger looking for food
Blaireau qui cherche sa nourriture 
France, 15 March 2019 
Climate Strike in La Roche sur Yon

More photos on the facebook page of Forests From Farms 

France, 12 February 2019 
First signs of spring
France, 26 January 2019

Common toad takes advantage of the mild winter.

We always had a "guard toad" next to our door in summer but the last couple of years they were not there. So glad to see we still have toads in the garden.  Toads and frogs are also suffering from less habitat like ponds. Read more under the button.

Un crapaud profite des températures plus faibles de cet hiver....

France, 24 January 2019 
Sunset at Forestsfromfarms 
Coucher du soleil 

France, 23 January 2019
Dominion - free online 

France, 23 January 2019
Polar bears: What's the story?
France, 23 January 2019
Nuclear Energy 
France, 19 January 2019
#Forestsfromfarms in the wintersun makes beautiful images.
France, 10 January 2019
A wasp nest seen from the inside at  #Forestsfromfarms 
L'intérieur d'un nid de guêpes 

France, 10 January 2019
Hovering hawk over the land of #forestsfromfarms, settling down on a tree for a while 

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