HOLLY BLUE  -  Celastrina argiolus 

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During 2022 we monitored the presence of butterflies on the land of Forests From Farms. 

Our observations regarding the Small blue butterfly:
  • First seen and photographed in April, and seen throughout the summer until August
  • At first sight rather difficult to identify until you see the back of the wings
  • Seen on holly,  on daisies and bramble bushes; it flies high and so difficult to photograph until it sits down. 
Photographs of 10 April 2022
Photograph of 21 April 2022
Photograph of 19 May 2022
Photographs of 7 June 2022
Photograph of 8 June 2022
Photograph of 9 June 2022
Photograph of 11 July 2022
Photograph of 16  July 2022
Photographs of 19   August 2022

Photographs of  the Holly blue in 2023 (on Facebook)

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