Common blue 

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Common  blue   -   Polyommatus icarus  

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During 2022 we monitored the presence of butterflies on the land of Forests From Farms. 

Our observations regarding the Common blue:

  • First a general remark about the blues. They were quite difficult to identifie especially as certain females are brown and so difficult to distinguish from the Brown Argus butterfly, with similar markings on  the bottom of the wings. So I could be wrong with the identification of this butterfly. First I thought it was a Silver-spotted blue but I came to the conclusion it is a Common blue after having read the difference on this site below.
  • I photographed the Common blue in spring, in May and later in July and Augsut. The Common blue was almost always visible in pairs. 
  • In the photographs made  in July a female Common blue was sitting for a very long time on a thistle. When I looked through the lens of the camera I could see she was observing me. But she stayed still. I try to disturb them as little as possible when I make photographs. So I never chase after them. I look and follow them with the camera. And when they sit still somewhere  I always walk around them in a large circle to give them some space. At the end of the photograph session I thank them for having given confidence in me and I wish hem a good life. Yes I talk to the butterflies ;-) . 
May 2022
August 2022
September  2022

Photographs of  the Common blue in 2023 (on Facebook)

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